Young Professional Spotlight: Samir Kaleem

I had the pleasure of interviewing Samir Kaleem, site engineer from OC Waste & Recycling. Samir is in charge of engineering projects at the Frank R. Bowerman (FRB) landfill in Irvine, CA. In the video above, we discussed several interesting landfill topics ranging from methane collection, drones, and site efficiency.

Did You Know?

  1. The methane collected at FRB landfill provides 20 MW of energy to the City of Anaheim, which is enough to power 23,000 homes for an entire year! (
  2. To control those pesky seagulls at landfills, FRB utilizes falconers and falcons. See an example of bird abatement here: (
  3. Landfill Applications – After landfills are closed, landfills can be re-purposed into parks, golf courses, trails, nature preserves, and more. See examples of re-purposed landfills throughout the nation here: (




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