YP Spotlight: Mr. Eco


What happens when you mix hip-hop with environmentalism? You get an environmental rap super hero!

Brett, a.k.a. “Mr. Eco,” combined his love for hip-hop with his passion for sustainability to “create an environmental rap hero that uses music to empower children to become activists called “EcoHeroes.”

Clad in his signature yellow shirt, white headband, green shorts and cape,
Mr. Eco has performed at over 270 elementary and middle school assemblies in four countries. His entertaining 45-minute rap shows generate awareness about sustainability, wildlife conservation, and human impacts on ecosystems. Ultimately, students are left with the valuable message that their actions can impact the world.

Mr. Eco has released two albums with original music, “Hybrid Hip-Hop” in 2013 and “Renewable Rap” in 2016. In addition, Mr. Eco’s catchy music videos can be seen on his YouTube channel, which has had over 100,000 views per video.

 mr. eco.JPG

I was able to interview Mr. Eco at the July 28, 2017 YP Beach Clean-Up event. Check out the video above.

Mr. Eco is a positive role model who inspires change in the world with his clever environmental beats and energetic attitude.

For more information on Mr. Eco, visit:


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